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FCIStandard N° 345/08.06.2001
Origin: England
FORCE: 25.10.2000
Utilization: good working Terriers able to hunt on the surface. A
excellent companion dog.

F.C.I CLASSIFICATION Group 3 Terriers.
Section 2 small-sized Terriers
With working trial
A BRIEF history: The Jack Russell Terrier originated in
England in the nineteenth century, thanks to the efforts of the Rev. John Russell. He created a
Fox Terrier breed to meet the need of having a dog that corrected with
his Foxhound and could flush out foxes and other wild animals. If they developed
two varieties from Standard basically similar except for a few
differences concerning mostly the height and proportions. The highest type, by
square building is now known as Parson Russell Terriers, while
the lowest, proportionatel yonger, he is known as Jack
Russell Terrier.
A working Terrier is strong, lean and active, of great character with a body
supple of medium length. His lively movement is accompanied with its
acute expression. Tail docking is optional and the coat may be smooth,
broken or rough.
The dog is longer than high
The depth of the body from the withers to the sternum must be = to
front length from the elbow to the ground
The perimeter got behind the elbow should be from 40 to 43 cm.
A lively Terrier, awake and active with acute and intelligent expression.
Bold and fearless, friendly but discreet.
The skull should be flat, moderate width that wanes
gradually up to the eyes, and it narrows into a wide muzzle.
Stop well defined but not excessively pronounced
Black truffle
Snout length from the stop to the nose should be slightly
bottom of the distance between the stop and the occiput.
Very tight lips and black pigmented
/Denti very strong JAWS jaws, deep, wide and powerful. Strong teeth
scissor lock
Small eyes and dark, with keen expression. Must not be
bulging and eyelids must adhere to the eyeball. The rhymes
eyelid should be pigmented black. In the form of
Rose or hanging ears, good texture and great mobility
Strong NECK and cleanly, which makes a good demeanor of the head
In General, in the rectangle.
Horizontal back. The length from the withers to the root of the tail is
slightly greater than the height from the withers to the ground.
Kidney kidneys should be short, strong and very muscular
Deeper chest that off with good distance from Earth. The sternum is
half height between the withers and the soil. The ribs should
Kidney kidneys should be short, strong and very muscular
Deeper chest that off with good distance from Earth. The sternum is
half height between the withers and the soil. The ribs should start
soon well sprung and flatten the sides so that the perimeter
behind the elbows can be measured with two hands (from 40 to 43 cm
Sternum breastbone handlebar visibly in front of the ridge of the shoulder.
Queue can remain pending at rest. In the action must be raised and, if
cut the tip should be at the same level of the ears
Shoulders well and not weighted oblique muscles
Sufficient length and arm angle to allow the elbows of
position yourself under the body
Right forearm from the elbow to your toes, from any angle you seeStrong and muscular BACK, well balanced with the front.
Knee well angulated
Hock descended
Parallel when viewed from the rear pasterns behind in natural station.
FEET round, hard, with good bearings, loose, not with fingers
moderately arched, not directed outward or inward.
Free GAIT movement stopped, and elastic
COAT may be smooth, broken or rough. Must be waterproof. THE
coats should not be manipulated to appear smooth or kibbled. 3
● COLOR white MUST predominate with black spots or fiery.
Fire-colored stains can range from the lightest to the fawn
more intense. (Chestnut).
Ideal height: from 25 cm to 30 cm.
Weight: because 5 cm should be 1 kg in weight, a dog 25
inches high will weigh approximately 5 kg and a 30 cm high dog will weigh 6 kg.
Faults: any deviation from the above must be considered
defect, and the severity with which this defect should be penalized
be proportionate to its degree. However must be
particularly penalized the following deficiencies:
● Lack of true Terrier characteristics
● Lack of harmony, i.e. exaggeration anywhere
● The forced Movement or insecure
● Defective Dentition
N.B. Males should have two apparently normal testicles
fully descended into the scrotum.

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