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Welcome to our site!

Are Alfio and Irene and the idea of this site comes from the simple desire to share with all animal lovers and nature this fantastic adventure born from common passion towards our dogs of breed Jack Russell Terrier.
The meeting with these wonderful and untiring four-legged friends did well in me, a spark capable of giving a small revolution in our lives. In fact, for some years I pledge with sacrifices and dedication to breed this breed.
A simple and ancient adventure, strenuous and demanding, but able to move away from the hustle and bustle of modern day life and is able to stop time, bringing us back down in close contact with nature.
Alfio Bonanno good surfing!


In our kennel are irene I deal with to bring expo our jack russell, I follow the junior handler, accudisco and play with my jack russell, they are sociable with kids and they love to play and run. 

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